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Pinkberry vs. Red Mango


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The Frozen Yogurt Wars


As a frozen yogurt connoisseur, I make sure to stay abreast of all the latest creations and trends. Most recently we saw the “frozen yogurt wars” between Pinkberry and Red Mango. Starbucks founder Howard Schultz’s recently invested $27.5 million into Pinkberry, giving the rapidly expanding frozen yogurt chain a very big boost. But around the corner has emerged Red Mango! What many don’t know is that Red Mango started in South Korea in 2002 selling the famed all natural, tart-in-flavor frozen yogurt. Pinkberry took the idea to the U.S. and first opened it’s doors in 2005. Dan Kim, Red Mango’s President and CEO, opened his company’s first US location in Los Angeles in late 2007. I interviewed him at this premiere location just a few weeks after it opened. As opposed to it’s South Korean counterpart which has a more “Hello Kitty” ambiance to it, Red Mango has created a coffee shop feel to their U.S. branches. Although a fan of Pinkberry, I have to say I quite enjoyed Red Mango’s creamy taste. Their yogurt is certified by the National Yogurt Association – most frozen yogurts do not have this certification because they do not have enough live active cultures. And they always have fresh fruit.

Bon appetit.

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