News and Reviews

“Alexa is a commanding on-screen presence”
“Alexa Asjes, as Carla, appears just once – in a recovering addicts’ meeting – but laces that scene with startling detail and well-observed subliminal gestures, physically covering herself as she verbally opens out. Her performance typifies the high standard of acting throughout the company.”

“In her brief role in Alice Kahrmann’s play ‘Powerless’, Asjes was the source of some of the play’s brightest moments and she impresses further here. ”
Music OMH – Natasha Tripney

“Asjes is not only poignant but often bravely unlovely, whether spitting out the poisonous bigotry that is the legacy of her ignorance and impoverishment or chewing with indecorous, slack-jawed nonchalance on a hot dog. Ironically, it is in these moments of physical and emotional ugliness that the play and its much-abused heroine most touch the heart.”
The Times – Sam Marlowe

“Asjes, in particular, produces an affecting performance that never slides into the gloopy sentimentality that might have subsumed a play about the underdog’s struggle for dignity and understanding.”
Camden New Journal – Richard Hodkinson

“[The Play] owes most to the remarkable poignancy and histrionic conviction of Miss Asjes’s wrenching performance as Selina”
Evening Standard – Nicholas de Jongh


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